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Kokedama is a ball made from moss and used as a pot where any plant can be put. Literally, the word is translated into English as “moss ball”. But this is not simply an item with a functional application. This is a highly decorative elements of an interior design.

The exotic concept of plant arrangement is adapted from Japan. The Kokedama can be placed in a dedicated dish or suspended in the air with the plant’s roots hanging down and bound with string, creating a fancy, impenetrable tracery. Moss pots are very good for bonsai trees, flowers, and even vegetables. If you love indoor plants and seek original and functional decor, the Kokedama will become your best choice!

Some words about the history of Kokedama

Japanese culture is known for its particular aesthetics, the so-called Asian flavor. It is no surprise that it was here that Kokedamas were created based on traditional bonsai. It appeared in Japan in the 17th and 18th centuries, in the Edo period, as a variation of the Nearai Bonsai method.

This ancient art form in gardening is represented by the overgrown root system of a pot plant. When there is no room, it gets tight, building a ball, consisting of ground and bound and entangled roots that are used as a decorative element. Nowadays, these roots are replaced with moss. Put a touch on Japanese traditions and decorate your home with these beautiful planters! You’ll get stylish decor and your plants’ own custom little home.

Why should you buy Kokedama?

If you want to arrange your plants unusually, consider using Kokedama as an organic pot. The original frame will keep your plants secure and provide you with further advantages:

  1. It can be used with many different types of plants, including such demanding ones as orchids and citrus trees. You can grow grass, herbs, and ferns in these planters. Kokedama is good both for annuals and perennials. Even bulbs come up in such a pot!
  2. You can hang them indoors and out, place them in a bowl, or incorporate them into other decorative compositions. Wherever you choose to place this organic art object, the strong Japanese style will appear.
  3. It has high decorative promise. You can apply these moss balls as you like, mixing them with any other items. Kokedama can be wrapped with various materials like colored fabric, wire, threads, or twine.
  4. These planters save a lot of space. You can arrange a beautiful hanging garden with a convenient approach to the plants.
  5. Organic moss is a good air purifier, contributing to a healthy environment.

Kokedama is a perfect pot for plants with various requirements. It is water-absorbing and corrosion-resistant. The transpiring material allows the root system to be properly ventilated, so water stagnation and mold never damage the plant.


Moss Ball Planter Reviews

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    Moss Ball Planter photo review
    September 19, 2022
    The order came on time, all as in the description. Nice moss ball. Thank you.
    Moss Ball Planter photo review
    Moss Ball Planter photo review
    Moss Ball Planter photo review
    Moss Ball Planter photo review
    May 4, 2022
    Great product. will definitely order again, I'm to try to revive the moss. Hopefully it will work
    Moss Ball Planter photo review
    Moss Ball Planter photo review
    Moss Ball Planter photo review
    Moss Ball Planter photo review
    Moss Ball Planter photo review
    Moss Ball Planter photo review
    April 18, 2022
    Very nice, were still moist on arrival. Got my plants in them asap and they look GREAT

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Moss Ball Planter FAQ

What is a moss ball planter?

Moss ball planters come from Japan, its an old art centuries old called Kokedama. The idea is you are planting a plant inside a living pot (made from moss). Typically Japanese kokedama (moss ball planters) are suspended by string.

What can i plant in my moss ball planter?

Kokedama moss ball planters are ideal for small flowers, seedlings and tiny bonsai. They make excellent little gifts for loved ones with green fingers.

What sizes do the moss ball planters come in?

We have three sizes available at fly-jpn. Please choose one that suits your style.

  • Small – 6CM
  • Medium – 9CM
  • Large – 12CM

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