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There is a strikingly beautiful tree family known as Rosaceae that is notable for its splendid blossom. Its Prunus genus includes a range of trees bursting with multiple delicate, commonly pink or white flowers every spring. You definitely know such species as the Japanese cherry or Prunus serrulata. This is the legendary Sakura, a national flower of Japan, representing beauty and peace.

It is possible to invite this subtle and sophisticated splendor to your house without visiting Tokyo or exerting much effort. Bonsai Japanese Sakura brings the same cherry blossom in miniature. It is easily adapted to life in the house. The delicate silkiness of the blossoms looks as magical as the tree that the Japanese so admire. The picture is completed with a curved shape of the trunk with a lifelike texture.

The bonsai can reach a height of 130 cm. There are smaller ones with a height of 8 cm. Its amazing flowers are not always bright pink. There are various hues, so with this tree, you can easily fill the house with an amazing mood and positive emotions.

 Growing Cherry Blossoms from Seed

You should place the seeds into the container with warm water. Let them alone for 24 hours. Then, take them out and put them on a paper towel dampened with a peroxide water solution (5 parts water to 1-part peroxide). To keep the needed level of moisture, put the towel into a plastic bag with a ziplock. Keep the wrapped seeds in your fridge for 2-3 months.

When you see the sprouts in the above-mentioned period, you should plant them in a pot filled with seed starting mix.

Keep in mind that Japanese cherry trees need a deep pot as their roots are long. If you want it to be small, you can ignore this recommendation. 

Keep the pot in a warm place, avoiding direct sunlight. The potting soil should be kept moist at all times.

You can expect germination in 2–8 weeks. However, sometimes it can happen next year. Continue to take care of your seeds and you will be rewarded for your patience. Moving forward, the plant can be transplanted into a larger pot or into the soil outdoors. In the latter case, it requires protection in the winter.

Cherry Blossom Seeds Reviews

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    Cherry Blossom Seeds photo review
    April 15, 2022
    I bought it in November last year (2021), sowed it in a flowerpot, and put it outdoors for one winter. When I looked into the pot around March, only one bud germinated. Well, how are future developments!
    Cherry Blossom Seeds photo review
    Cherry Blossom Seeds photo review
    Cherry Blossom Seeds photo review
    Cherry Blossom Seeds photo review
    March 1, 2022
    It's been about 15 months since I bought this mountain cherry seed, and it got so big so I will write a review. First of all, but at my own time there are about 30 pieces in one bag, and I have a delighted memory because it was more than expected. In addition to seeds, there is also a paper that explains how to sow, so even beginners seem to be fine However, since there were reviews that “do not germinate” from the time of buying, I examined various ways to increase the germination rate. Then I found the information “If you break the seed shell, it will be easier to germinate”, so I split it using a file and a radio plier. I crushed about 3-5 pieces due to too much strength, but I sowed only the contents as described in the instructions. Thanks to it, three species have germinated and have grown well until now. The attached photo is two of the three germinated. After germination, if planted in a large pot and a small pot respectively, it became more than twice the height of the tree. I can't guarantee that it will germinate absolute, but why not try the effort of “breaking the seeds”?

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Cherry Blossom Seeds FAQ

How many cherry blossom seeds will I receive?

Each package contains around 45 seeds in total.

How long will delivery take for my cherry blossom seeds?

We aim to have products in our customers hands within 30 days for free. This means you pay no extra charge for shipping. If you need your item in a rush then you can of course pay for speedy delivery during checkout.

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How do I germinate my sakura from seed?

It is recommended to take sandpaper lightly to the outer shell of bonsai sakura seeds – this mimics the wear and tear from winter and encourages them to start sprouting for spring. Our seeds come with instructions on how to sow.